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Best Industries to Start a Business in 2020

The year 2020 got stamped with the Coronavirus pandemic which changed and continues to change the types of businesses and jobs that are available, profitable, and those that might become redundant. Check out my online course which is perfect for the work-from-home...

List of Niche or Micro Marketing Examples

Niche or micro marketing is a term small businesses tend to come across a lot. What exactly is niche or micro-marketing? According to Dictionary.com, it is defined as the business of promoting and selling a product or service to a specialized segment of a market. The...

How to Start Freelancing Work

Before We Start: Check out my new course The 4-Hour Agency, where you learn how to quickly start, grow, and scale a 6-figure  agency. So you would like to become a freelancer - whether full time or as a side gig. You’ve probably thought about what you would like to...